Georgia Chanel lights up with the Egyptian goddess inspired song ‘SEKHMET’

"I knew I wanted something to metaphor the absolute anger I felt that I had been treated this way and I recently had become super interested in ancient Egypt"
19 May 2023

Georgia Chanel just dropped SEKHMET, an intense and powerful song associated with the Egyptian goddess of war and healing. It brings out the message of being able to rise above adversity and how sometimes you have to move on from a relationship in order to heal.

Brace yourselves for something special – a perfect mix of R&B, soul, pop and dance that’ll get you addicted in no time.

Georgia’s smooth soulful vocals open up SEKHMET‘. The vocals in this track are really powerful and its heartfelt message takes her music to a new level. Plus, it conveys the emotions of reflection, strength, and progress after going through a break up.

SEKHMET was inspired by a particular situation I was going through – explains Chanel – I felt like I didn’t have a voice and was silenced, so this song was warranted in many ways. The track will resonate with many listeners, focusing on being in a relationship with someone (platonic or romantic) and the power balance being completely off, therefore being left with no choice but to walk away. I knew I wanted something to metaphor the absolute anger I felt that I had been treated this way and I recently had become super interested in ancient Egypt. I thought, why not use the ancient Egyptian goddess Sekhmet. She fascinated me, as she was the goddess of war and healing which is a complete juxtaposition. It truly felt like this situation had resulted in war when it should have gone the other way.”

Georgia Chanel hails from the Midlands and is currently based in London – she’s put out some amazing and moody releases in recent times. She has a unique approach to making music, blending sounds from different genres and giving them her own spin. It helps to create a seductive sound.

Georgia‘s music is driven by her passion for music, but also by the events in her life that led her in a new direction with her career.

Georgia Chanel‘s music career began when she was just 15 years old. Since there are not many options in her small town, she started playing music in her school group, which sparked her dream of succeeding in the music industry. A band manager and a government program helped this small group of people gain recognition for their talent and perform professionally at various locations throughout the region.

Georgia was committed to success and pursued her dreams. She attended a music school in London to learn how to sing and write songs. It was there that she developed her musical abilities. This was a major milestone and signified the start of a creative relationship between KamiKwazi and Georgia.

The new single is the perfect sequel of her previous R&B/Jazz releases entitled Audrey Hepburn and Realize.

We look forward to seeing what Georgia Chanel has in store for us in the future.

Photos by Maximiliaan van Es