Genre-bending artist Tana shines on alluring track ‘Hollywood Problems’

'I guess there’s something about damaged people, they’re magnetic and everyone wants a taste.'
6 March 2023

Genre-bending artist Tana has been on a meteoric rise since performing at Black UK Pride 2022 to 25,000 people. Her music has been featured on BBC Introducing, Reprezent Radio, and Soho Radio, to name but a few. She is influenced, as a queer artist, by the many rich and diverse views on gay culture, and her work has been championed by ‘Gay Times’. Tana, based in London, with roots both in Italy and Nigeria, places diversity at the heart of what she does.

Tana, on trying to pin down what is central in her music, keeps it simple: ‘Be real and be a voice for others’. In this new track Hollywood Problems, Tana is the voice of the girl who seems to have it all, but she’s got problems only a girl like her can have.

The fictional character Tana has created for this track resonates. Everyone wants her, everyone wants to be here. Playing off the idea of LA as the city of angels, Tana imagines her character as a lost angel. ‘I guess there’s something about damaged people,’ the artist muses, ‘they’re magnetic and everyone wants a taste of her.’

The track starts with pensive percussion beats, the artist slinks over them with her sultry lyrics, taking us to meet this lost angel: ‘complicated, that’s what she is, but I’m drawn to her, like my cigarettes’. The way the track builds pulls us, as Tana is pulled, to this mystery girl.

Her skillful vocals commandeer the track. Swooping horns and strands of electric guitar build tension towards the bridge, giving decadence and sin, a Great Gatsby-esque level of drama and allure. Light pulses on piano alleviate the pressure for just a second before the artist takes back the vocal reins for a belter of an ending.

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