GENER8ION – the multidisciplinary (music, art and fashion) project managed by French producer Surkin – releases ‘The New International Sound (Part.II)’ EP on Monday 15th June via Bromance Records. Here’s the fruit of the impressively awesome collaboration with exciting global artist M.I.A.

In case you missed it, check out Surkin’s super remix for Röyksopp’s ‘I Had This Thing’, the soundtrack to Louis Vuitton Women’s Fall 2015 show in Paris…

The visuals for GENER8ION’s project (co-composed with Cédric Steffens) are created in collaboration with famed art director David Rudnik (Evian Christ, Nike).

Live Dates:
18.06.15 Bromance Night at U Street Music Hall, Washington (w/ Louisahhh!!! & Myd)
19.06.15 Bromance Night at Primary, Chicago (w/ Louisahhh!!! & Myd)
20.06.15 Bromance Night at Tattoo Queen West, Toronto (w/ Louisahhh!!! & Myd)
24.06.15 Bromance Night at Q Nightclub, Seattle (w/ Louisahhh!!! & Myd)
25.06.15 Bromance Night at Shine, Vancouver (w/ Louisahhh!!! & Myd)
26.06.15 Bromance Night at Sound, Los Angeles (w/ Louisahhh!!! & Myd)
27.06.15 Bromance Night at Vinyl, Denver (w/ Louisahhh!!! & Myd)
10.07.15 Bromance Night at Gretchen, Berlin (w/ Louisahhh!!! & Myd)
02.08.15 Solar Weekend Festival, Roermond