Gene Serene has a story to tell. A story set in the future, where two star crossed lovers engage on a journey across the Solar System, abandoning their home planet to set up a new colony. This is after the technological singularity – so technically, the lovers are fleeing killer robots. How can you say no to an album with a high sci-fi concept like that? Well, we didn’t

Luckily, Gene has the musical chops to back up her far fetched interstellar journey that takes its inspiration from the Mars One Project (which, while it sounds fascinating – a one way ticket to Mars can only end badly), receiving a helping hand from co-writer and co-producer Bob Earland (Radiophonic Workshop, Clor).

The Polaris Experience’s biggest achievement is its seamless blend of electronica with a distinct narrative, taking listeners to another world, giving them something to hang on to during their journey to the stars. Gene’s voice and lyrics act as a beacon, dubbed over intense and surreal melodies. There is no soft open to the album – first track ‘Polaris’ very much drops listeners in at the deep end and whether it’s through speakers or headphones, it’s hard not to feel a little tingle as you’re introduced to Gene’s brave new world. There’s more than a hint of Goldfrapp to the music, and maybe a dash of Bowie’s Berlin era output, but with enough extra character to make Gene’s sound unique.

It seems unfair to showcase singles ‘Singularity’ and ‘Weightlessness’, or indeed any album track as stand out tunes as, while they’re both amazing and excellent examples of what Gene Serene has achieved with this album (not to mention the former’s immensely danceable chorus), it’s as a whole that ‘The Polaris Experience’ shines.

This is the first time Gene Serene has released a full album of material of her own, and we highly recommend you give it a listen.


By Frank Bell ©