gatecrashers1Nightclub bosses are giving recession-hit ravers the chance to cash in their spare holiday currency by allowing them to use Euros over the bar and for club admission in the UK. Gatecrasher Birmingham surveyed 2,000 dance fans from their database and discovered each had an average of the equivalent of £50 lying around in unused Euros.82913560MA012_VIP_Opening_ONow they are to allow the currency to be exchanged for drinks and admission at their 3000 capacity club during the 13 weeks of the Ibiza summer season.gatecrashers2Not only that Gatecrasher bosses are to bring all the biggest Ibizan club brands an parties to the UK for a 13 week party including Manumission, Jade Jagger’s Jezebel, Pacha, Space, Amensia, Hed Kandi, Pukka Up and Cream Ibiza. This 13-week party will be the ultimate Ibiza festival transporting the most hedonistic place on the planet to Birmingham.

Gatecrasher will also be hosting traditional Ibizan street parades and will transform the roof of their flagship Birmingham nightclub into a beach terrace.

A spokesman said: As the pound is suffering against the Euro, many clubbers are opting to stay at home and not travel to Ibiza this year, so we thought we’d bring Ibiza to them.

We surveyed 2,000 people from our database and found out that over 60% would not be going to Ibiza this year, so we though why not bring the fun to them? We will be transporting everything that happens in Ibiza to the UK from the legendary street carnivals to the world class dance nights filled with cutting entertainment, production and superstar DJs.

He continued; As one of the UK’s biggest nightclub brands we usually host a night in Ibiza ourselves, but having surveyed our database it seems that what clubbers really want is the world greatest, wildest and most extravagant brands without having to travel. So we will bring the brands to the UK.

The opening fiesta kicks off on the Sunday 25th of May with legendary dance group Faithless who will be DJing alongside global superstars Sebastian Ingrosso, Laidback Luke and Dirty South.