Gasper Nali: Bringing Malawi’s musical magic to the UK

Known for his high-energy dance music, Nali creates magic using a homemade one-string instrument called the "Babatoni"
7th September 2023

Gasper Nali is the artist name you need to remember if you’re looking for a truly unique musical experience. This super talented one-man band is coming all the way from the wild and beautiful landscapes of North Malawi. Brace yourselves as he’s about to blow your minds with a whopping 21 electrifying performances across the United Kingdom.

Joining him on this musical journey is celebrated Reggae Poet Michael Mountain, promising an unforgettable fusion of rhythms and words.

Gasper Nali‘s musical journey is nothing short of remarkable. Known for his high-energy dance music, Nali creates magic using a homemade one-string instrument called the “Babatoni.” What makes this instrument truly exceptional is not just its infectious sound but the fact that it’s believed to be the largest of its kind in the world. Nali’s custom creation is a testament to his musical ingenuity and craftsmanship.

His dedication to his craft shines through in every note he plays. In his own words, Nali describes the birth of the Babatoni: “This guitar I make myself. The name is babatoni. I also bring that mgolo (large bass drum). I cut​ two pieces out of an old oil barrel, one for the mgolo and the other for the guitar, and then I add​ the bluegum (eucalyptus fretboard) and wrap them with cow skins. And I make a kick pedal to beat​ the drum. You cannot buy a babatoni, that’s why I make it all myself”

Hailing from a region known for its poverty, Nali and his two brothers once busked in nearby villages, bringing their unique brand of music to the local community. Tragedy struck when both his brothers passed away, leaving him to continue their musical legacy on his own.

However, fate had something extraordinary in store for Gasper Nali. A video of his solo performance posted on social media went viral, amassing over 18 million views. It was this viral sensation that caught the attention of music project manager Mattias Stålnacke. Together, they embarked on a journey to professionally record Nali’s music and introduce it to the world. Their partnership has yielded spectacular results, with over 1 million streams on Spotify alone.

If you’re into world music, cool instruments, and groovy beats, you absolutely have to check out this incredible musician.

Tour dates:

Chidham – The Old Malthouse – 30th Sep

Bournemouth – Arts by the Sea – 01st Oct

Portsmouth – The Lens – 01st Oct

Cambourne – Cambourne Library – 04th Oct

London – Green Note – 06th Oct

Suffolk – John Peel Centre – 07th Oct

Colchester – Colchester Arts – 08th Oct

Settle – Victoria Hall – 10th Oct

Bury – Bury Met – 11th Oct

Hebden Bridge – Trades Club – 12th Oct

Newcastle Upon Tyne – Star & Shadow Cinema – 13th Oct

Glasgow – Hug & Pint – 14th Oct

Brighton – The Rose Hilll – 18th Oct

Manchester – The Vale – 19th Oct

Isle of Man – Centenary Arts – 20th Oct

Whitby – Musicport Festival – 21st Oct

Northampton – Gabribadi Hotel – 22nd Oct

Liverpool – Liverpool Philharmonic Hall – 25th Oct

Weston-super-Mare – Loves Café – 26th Oct

Bristol – Lost Horizon – 27th Oct

Aberystwyth – Art Centre – 28th Oct