Garbage reveals first-ever vinyl release of ‘Bleed Like Me’ since its initial debut

"This album was tricky to make and resulted in the band taking a 5 year hiatus shortly after it was released"
7 February 2024

In response to the enthusiastic calls from their fans, the innovative alternative rock ensemble Garbage is excited to unveil the vinyl revival of their pivotal fourth studio album, Bleed Like Me. Making its vinyl debut since its original release in 2005, the album is set to grace record stores on 5th April 2024, through BMG/Stunvolume. This release promises to deliver a novel listening journey for both longtime admirers and those newly discovering Garbage’s discography.

The upcoming 2024 edition of Bleed Like Me breathes new life into the album with a remastered version that includes a wide array of formats: 2CDs, a single LP in silver vinyl, a deluxe double LP in red vinyl, and high-definition digital versions. This special edition enriches the original album with a host of extras, including b-sides, elusive tracks, remixes, and alternative takes on fan favorites.

Speaking about the new Bleed Like Me expanded reissue, Shirley Manson says: “This album was tricky to make and resulted in the band taking a 5 year hiatus shortly after it was released. However over the years it has become a mainstay of our discography so we decided to finally make it available on vinyl due to the many pained pleas from our fans“.

Bleed Like Me originally made waves in the music scene in April 2005, achieving top 5 chart status across the UK, US, Australia, and Europe. It produced four singles, with “Why Do You Love Me” reaching the UK’s top 10, and others like “Bleed Like Me” and “Sex Is Not The Enemy” becoming concert mainstays. The album’s promotion was boosted by a music video for “Run Baby Run,” directed by Sophie Muller.

Beyond the vinyl release, Garbage is slated to perform at a series of festival dates this year, including Mad Cool in Madrid and TRNSMT in Glasgow, displaying the band’s lasting popularity and dynamic stage presence.

The extended reissue of Bleed Like Me invites fans to explore the album’s backstory and the band’s creative process, offering a comprehensive look at Garbage’s artistic expression through remastered originals, rare tracks, and remixes. This release not only commemorates the album’s enduring success but also highlights Garbage’s enduring impact on the alt-rock scene.

Fans eagerly awaiting and newcomers intrigued by the allure of Bleed Like Me should mark 5th April as a significant date for the album’s reissue. This newly envisioned edition, with its captivating melodies, deep emotional narratives, and groundbreaking production techniques, is set to reignite excitement for a seminal rock album of the early 2000s.

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