GANZ Explores Original Sound With LOST BOYS EP

We’re soaking up the newest sounds from the studio of producer/DJ Ganz. Out now and ready to stream via UZ’s Quality Goods Records is his Lost Boys EP, which follows closely on the heels of featured single Rufio’s Theme.

With some incredible achievements under his belt as an innovator, GANZ comes back to an explorative theme with this project. He says: “I’ve tried a lot of different sounds and directions – of which a lot didn’t make me happy and didn’t feel like ‘me.’ This made me realise I needed to stay more close to myself, search for the next version of my sound and purely focus on the feeling I get when working on new music.”

Comprising of six tracks in total, you can expect dramatic layers of instrumentals, charged percussion and a couple of undisputed bangers that will go off in any upcoming live stream. This superb collection is out now.

By Holly Frith