Gaming Legend TheFatRat & Laura Brehm Share WE’LL MEET AGAIN

It’s an Uplifting Anthem from One of the Most Promising New Producers Around


Making a name for himself as one of the worlds leading songwriters and producers for gaming music, prolific artist TheFatRat returns with an uplifting new single featuring the vocal talents of Laura Brehm. 

Looking to bring some unity to a world that’s had to embrace social distance – The enigmatic producer has been working to expand his cult online following, to the masses. Now a worldwide icon in his own musical space, he’s amassed over 400 Million streams across his music through different platforms. 

Championing a message of triumph and fighting through the difficult times – The new single is anthemic, a perfect message for the summer. 

“The song was written and produced during quarantine and is obviously inspired by it, not just thematically but also technically,” says TheFatRat. “I pre-produced the entire orchestral parts with samples and sent the files around the globe to collect each recording piece by piece.”