‘GAME OVER’: Tyler Page debuts with an irresistible EP

A medley of songs about empowerment, love, anguish, hard truths, and perseverance in a destructive world.
26 September 2022

By Vanessa B

Cape Town’s Tyler Page is proving herself as one to watch, bringing her A-game with her unique blend of meaningful, artistic pop on her recent debut EP GAME OVER.

The 6-track offering produced is a medley of songs about empowerment, love, anguish, hard truths, and perseverance in a destructive world, suggesting a personal journey of empowering life lessons learned. It features a remarkable vocal performance and an undeniably cool vibe, produced by Paul Gala and co-written by Mia van Wyk (Bad Future).

The EP’s focus track Try Again, is an upbeat, modern/retro 80s single to make you dance like no one’s watching. The playful verses ooze quirky retro synth character juxtaposed with a darker sound on the chorus. Meanwhile, the lyrics outline a hopeless relationship as well as the ways we give ourselves false hope that something will work in the future when it might be better to let go. There is never a perfect time or condition that will make something work unless it’s meant to, as Tyler expands:

Sometimes, in life, things don’t really work out… truth is, you can’t force…or rush something that you
want to last forever. One thing I love about “Try Again”, is that there is such a juxtaposition between the lyrics and the music, it’s so different! And I love being different and creating different sounds. It’s what makes me unique, and I think people will love it.

Have a listen to the EP for yourself:

Title track GAME OVER addresses the cold, hard entertainment industry and how it often treats artists like objects while also considering the exploitation of humans for mere profit. As the song develops, however, it describes a metamorphosis into a stronger person who can rise above exploitation to ultimately take charge of their own destiny. GAME OVER is a story about beating exploiters at their own game and taking your power back. Losers Club on the other hand is a sonically delicate, dreamlike chime and nostalgic transfer to a time of ease and magic. The song is a reminiscence of authentic childhood friendships and a celebration of puppy love sonically matched by soft synths and light bell lulls.

Explaining the emotional exploration of the record, Tyler shares:

Each song really has its own shape and form. With every song, I feel something completely different.
With each song… there is a different life scenario that so many people have experienced and that is my aim and goal with every song… – to make it relatable…People use music as therapy, I know I do it myself! If I need to cry, or if I feel super happy, I’ll listen to a super sad song and cry or a super happy song and dance my butt off in my room! And this is exactly what you can do with this EP.

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