Galvo’s ‘Maybe’ is reinforcing the fact that Irish indie-folk is here to stay

Maybe is taken from the 14-track album, The HeARTist, which draws inspiration from Galvo's working-class Irish upbringing
8 August 2023

Prepare to be captivated by the mesmerising sounds of Galvo’s, new single, titled Maybe. The indie-folk artist hailing from Dublin, is reinforcing the fact that Irish indie-folk is here to stay.

The single is from Galvo’s upcoming debut album The HeARTist releasing on the artist’s birthday September 26th. Maybe has a unique power to make us pause and reflect. It has a way of tapping into our emotions and reminding us of the deep connections and feelings we have within ourselves.

Its gentle guitar melodies and Galvo‘s captivating harmonizing vocals will tug at your heartstrings. The combination of soulful elements creates a soothingly beautiful experience that is sure to touch your heart.

Fans will surely be familiar with Galvo’s other music venture, the band A Dark Horse, comprised of talented musicians Hugh Rodgers and Niall Woods.

It’s exciting to see how his experience as a screenwriter/actor/director, especially his notable role as a Knight of the Vale on HBO’s Game of Thrones, has some how influenced his music career.

Maybe is taken from the 14-track album, The HeARTist, which draws inspiration from Galvo‘s working-class Irish upbringing. It beautifully captures the challenges and experiences he faced during that time.

In the album, the first track called Weight incorporates a beautiful piano melody. Galvo‘s personal journey of self-discovery amidst difficult family circumstances is explored in this emotionally charged song.

The song tells a powerful story set amidst the chaos of storm Ophelia. In the face of 160mph winds, the protagonist and his brother courageously attempt to rescue their beloved dogs, who were trapped by chains imposed by their stepfather. It’s a moving narrative that highlights their determination and love for their furry companions.

As the album nears its conclusion, The Hammer fearlessly plunges into the depths of raw emotions associated with bidding farewell to former partners. It unapologetically explores the intricate layers of complexity, shining a spotlight on Galvo’s ex-lover who embarks on a new chapter by entering into matrimony.

The artist explores how these battles uncover different aspects of ourselves, ultimately aiming to reveal a more peaceful and resilient version of who we are, someone better equipped to handle life’s challenges.

The HeARTish will truly be a treat for the senses as it takes the form of a full visual album. Each track will be accompanied by a captivating music video that brings the songs to life in a unique and engaging way.

Resilience and strength have been a hallmark of Galvo‘s journey. From his challenging Irish upbringing, where his family had to escape violence, to his experience managing a Pakistani Hip Hop label in London, and witnessing the struggles of addiction within his inner circle, Galvo has faced numerous obstacles.

He has worked hard to find his unique voice and earned it through sheer determination, despite everything.

Photos by Conor Beegan