Punk band Gallows unleash their self-titled album on the world this month. As their loyal fans eagerly await the release Fame caught up with the band to learn more about it, their record label and more.

Firstly guys, what can you tell our readers about your new album?

If you like riffs, big choruses and the rush of adrenalin you will love our album.

It is released on your own label (Venn Records). Was there any reason why you set up your own label?

It’s something we’ve always wanted to do and in fact tried to do when we were back on Warner Bros. Basically, one of the problems with being on a major label is that it takes 50 emails to make one decision. Now it doesn’t. Doesn’t get more simple than that.

What plans do you have to promote the album?

We’re touring the world starting off with Europe, onto North American and then Australia/Japan. Can’t wait to return to these places with the new line-up.

The release is self-titled. Was that a conscious decision?

Self-titled albums are basically a statement telling the world THIS is the definitive album. We really feel like these are the best songs we’ve ever released and want the world to know that.How would you describe a typical gig by Gallows?

Organised chaos.

Have you any towns/venues that stand out as ones to perform live in?

I love playing in Norway. I’m a big fan of the music scene over there (bands like Kvelertak and Turbonegro). They really get where we’re coming from musically and shows go off over there.

Do you have any over the top fans who bombard you with letters/emails etc?

I’ve had some weird experiences with some “fans”. Not really sure I should talk about it but lets just say sometimes they think they know you a bit better than they should.Do Gallows embrace social media and use it to its advantage?

We run our own twitter and facebook accounts. It’s a really good way to keep in touch with the fans and I’m not gonna lie, our fans are the wittiest people around. They make us laugh so much with some of the comments they make. It great to know they have the same sense of humour as us!

Why do you think punk has endured when other genres have disappeared?

Punk is all about retaliating against authority and doing your own thing. People will always have something to say as society will always be fucked. I can’t see the world turning into a utopia any time soon!

Finally are there any music genres that the band listen to themselves, other than punk of course?

I listen to everything! I went to Bestival the other weekend and spent 4 hours dancing to Justice, Major Lazer and Nero (electro, dance, dubstep). Being eclectic is important to us!