By Frank Bell

Using his own signature brand of psych rock/pop Gallowayyys has released another addition to his arsenal of hits, Rolling

Drawing inspiration from his vast array of life experiences, Gallowayyys writes all his music to reflect a specific journey or tale. Rolling is an injection of joy and energy full of pulsing synths and witty lyrics. His unique perspective on life is expressed through his music, taking influence from artists like Kids See Ghosts with his own signature spin. 

“It’s a psychedelic song about an experience I had while tripping with loved ones” Gallowayyys expands on the influence behind his latest production, “At the end of the summer my friends and I booked an Airbnb in Galveston. There at the beach, under the stars, with the neon lights from Pleasure Pier in the background, I felt a deep connection to myself, my friends, and the earth. Ahead of the crew I went back and took a shower. As the warm rush of water ran across my face, I tuned into a frequency I hadn’t heard before. I felt an exhilarating wave of colors, love, and positivity enter my mind. ROLLING embodies that feeling to me.”

Creating music that draws from real life and delivering it in such an independent manner, he has become a refreshingly cool artist and one to watch in the future. 

Expect a lot more from the artist.