21-piece female alt choir Gaggle are a fun, riot inducing collective and they are about to invade our senses with thier debut album ‘From the Mouth of the Cave’.

Where did the idea come from to create the choir?

STRICK: Deborah Coughlin’s insane crazed mind.

Who sourced it’s members?

STRICK: After a while, the choir kind of sourced itself. To begin with i think Deborah contacted like minded (not that anyone really knew what was in store!) individuals to see who’d interested in this kind of project… then other people have been brought in by choir members, some have responded to requests put out over the internet… its pretty organic

Do all 21 members get on, or do you find the odd piece of conflict?

PERPETUAL CRUSH: For the most part, actually, everyone does indeed get on. I am fully aware that this will come across as a total lie and I am not going to pretend that Gaggle are some kind of utopian clan, However, we all have a fixed goal and that is to perform great songs to as many people as possible and hopefully empower people along the way – we don’t squabble over boys, or hair products, it’s not high school. What input do the individual members have in the songs they sing?

BELLE: We are all very strong characters in our own right so although we do not have any input into the actual song writing, how we individually interpret the lyrics and project the emotion of the songs is clearly visible and distinctive in our performance.

P C: Well that depends on how much of a Diva you are and weather you know what kinds of vocals your good at! Deborah is pretty generous on parts and there is some flexibility, however she is the boss lady!

What can you tell our Fame readers about your album ‘From the Mouth of the Cave’?

P C: It epic. Prepare to listen something that’s probably unlike anything you’ve heard before. Prepare to get songs stuck in your head for days.

I want people to listen to it and dance around their bedrooms and get all their mates together and appreciate friendship. It’s a pretty diverse album, its full of surprises that even people that have seen us live won’t have heard.

BELLE: You’ve never heard anything like it in your life!

What’s the story about being banned from the Reading Festival?

STRICK: Who knew how much trouble you could get in for standing on a picnic table?Sigh…

BELLE: A minor misunderstanding

P C: Ha Ha, everyone asks this. Haven’t you ever been banned from a festival? Its dead rock n roll.

Are there any other festival/gig appearances lined up for the choir?

P C: Yes! Of course, we are going to be popping up all over the place on land … on Water… want to know more? I would suggest good ol fashioned My Space or giving us a quick Google.

Is there a long term goal for Gaggle?

P C: Gaggle is going to evolve in all sorts of shapes and ways. We aren’t a conventional four piece indie band and so, our story won’t go along those lines. Expect things on film, TV, Radio and really all across the media spectrum, expect more women and expect less women.

STRICK: Governement, Retail,

BELLE: Eclips the spice girls.

For those unfamiliar with Gaggle, how would you describe a performance in your own words?

P C: Personally, I’ve never seen it because I am up on stage singing my guts out and hoping not to trip over my geisha robes. I’ve heard it’s pretty intense though, we have been working on a new show which has a lot of fun in it and gaggle is best enjoyed when you get stuck right in.

Jump along with us, sing the words if you know them – remember how when you’re a kid and you like a pop group you learn all the dance moves? Let all that come back to you when watching gaggle. Doesn’t even have to be set ‘Gaggle’ dance moves, do the moves to 5,6,7,8, by steps if you makes you happy and makes you think.

10, How often do the choir practice?

P C: I practice in the shower and sometimes in the bathrooms at work which I often get caught doing, we also practice in a place called the Vatican run by the world’s most loveliest man Oscar and his dog Peaches. If you in a band, I heavily recommend you practice there. It sells beer and nuts and everything.

We at Fame see you as a very exciting act to see live, how do you go about taking that live energy onto an album release?

P C: I think it’s just passion, and passion en masse is a very strong thing. It is a non sexy orgy type thing when everyone is just giving it their absolute bestest and that is what creates the energy, all that heat and noise and being so close to the people next to you on stage that you on stage that any sense of privacy is lost.

There’s nothing better than singing, in a group, Loudly. With people you care about watching a women you used to stalk wave her arms around and somehow against all the odds make things happen.

Where will Gaggle be in five years?

STRICK: I fear for some of us. Some will be pregnant, some will be famous, all of us will be somewhere else.

P C: Sunning it around Texas and falling in love with cocky Americans? The daily mail writing outrageous claims that my thighs are slightly bigger than they were three years ago? That could be pretty funny. Actually.

But in all seriousness, it could really go anywhere at all, Gaggle is currently a band but it could exist as so many things and I truly believe that this is just the beginning.

New single ‘Army of Birds’ release date 21st May 2012
New Album ‘From the Mouth of the Cave’ release date June 4th 2012.
Album launch party at The Arch, Village Underground, London on 4th July 2012.