gabriel bruceLondon-based, charismatic troubadour Gabriel Bruce, returns with ‘Metal Soul’, the first solid segment of his forthcoming new album ‘Come All Sufferers’.

‘Metal Soul’ is a blackly intense number (about “the apocalypse”) but with a neo-sentimental vibe. An impeccable follow up to his remarkable debut LP ‘Love in Arms’.

Speaking about his deep experience with pain, due to a crippling breakup and also fearing amputation after being crushed by a fossil…Bruce revealed to noisey: “Its not so much the mangled fingers, the shattered bone smiling out at me like pointed teeth in bloodied mouths…

It’s not so much the searing, profound pain I remember. I don’t remember that so much. It’s not that after nine days of Oramorph and Tramadol preventing my bowls from moving I finally forced a brick out that tore me and left me bloody. I remember you telling me you’d been with him. I remember seeing through tears his name come up on your phone. I remember asking you ‘show me where he touched you.'”

Live dates:
21st April – Brixton Windmill, London
2nd July – BST Hyde Park (Florence + the Machine support), London