As we move from the summer to autumn our day to day fashion reflects the changing of the seasons. The hottest trends are making their way from the catwalk to the high-street, from the Avant-garde to the more pedestrian. We’re here to alert you to all the hottest trends from the catwalk from the Fall/Winter 2015 collections.

Carwash pleats are making a huge come back this fall, whether it’s a skirt or a dress this is an absolute must have.

Carwash Skirt. Fashioned in Stretch Silk Crepe. Floor length skirt with multiple slits. 92% Silk, 8% stretch.
milly.com Carwash Skirt. Fashioned in Stretch Silk Crepe. Floor length skirt with multiple slits. 92% Silk, 8% stretch.

The cut pleats give a lot of movement to an outfit and keep you looking fun and flirty. These are perfect for those warmer autumn days as they allow you to enjoy the breeze while still keeping you cosy. The range of patterns in this shape allows you to pick out whichever looks good on you, giving you even more choice.

Fur shoes are back too, these big fluffy accessories will have you in the mood for winter.faux fur boots1

They’ll keep you toasty while looking fashion forward, these are a bold choice though so they’re best kept for spicing up a plain outfit. If you wear these with a busy outfit you may come off looking a bit whacky, so less is more with these accoutrements. They’ll also have you feeling like you’re out in your slippers as they’re so comfy.

To go along with the fur boots, designers were suggesting fur cuffs at fashion week. These stylish addition to any outfit look great on models walking the catwalk, and we expect that a high street version won’t be far behind. You’re sure to see this trend being pulled off far from the major fashion houses at the humble high street store where you can purchase it for a fraction of the price.

Most designers have chosen to use faux fur for these designs so there’s no need to be concerned for animal welfare. You can see here the latest fashion trends of 2014 and here 2015 too.

Amal Clooney has always been an aficionado of the gloved look and her personal style seems to have inspired designers this season. Whether it’s short gloves or long, glamourous gloves you’ll find something to go with your outfit. Fashion-2-colors-Black-Brown-long-style-font-b-elbow-b-font-font-b-length-bFaux leather is a good material to be on the lookout for this season, as short leather look gloves are always a fashionable, and practical, addition. If you’re attending a black tie event then longer gloves, partnered with glittering jewellery, can set off a dress or ball gown perfectly.

Love them or hate them, women’s suits are coming back with a vengeance, but these aren’t the same 80s suits that didn’t look good on anyone. This new breed of suits are slender and stylish with bold shapes that flatter any woman, and most importantly, they’re all grey. Far from being drab these new designs look bold and exciting, even with a monochromatic colour scheme.

If you’re a professional, or even if you just want a new look then this trend is ideal for you.requisiteclothing1Grey suits are in for men too, with more classic cuts and Marley fabrics, and these will go great with just about any shirt or shoes. requisiteclothing1The neutral tones lend themselves well to customisation with a bright shirt, tie or even socks. With any suit it’s important to put your own spin on it, you wear the suit, don’t let the suit wear you.

Knitwear is unsurprisingly back in for men too and the key to pulling off a chunky cable knit or a bright pattern is layering. belstaffKnowing when to accessorise with a collar or a scarf will take your knitwear to the next level, the right trousers and shoes will also pull the whole outfit together.