FULVIO CALDINICheck out this smart video by ma – mo (FM PRODUCTIONS) for Fulvio Caldini’s “Steve Reich in Italy, Op. 84”.

Video artist ma – mo explains: “In a tape loop, sound is recorded on a section of magnetic tape and this tape is cut and spliced end-to-end, creating a circle or loop which can be played continuously, usually on a reel to reel machine. I’ve just applied the same concept for creating this video clip – sampling and editing meaningful images.”

“Steve Reich in Italy, Op. 84” is a song composed by assembling heterogeneous material with the aim of creating an original electronic composition.

The element that acts as a link to the entire piece is given by a series of samples of the voice of Steve Reich is taken from an interview he granted to the composer Fulvio Caldini in Perugia 03.V.1996 – plus few segments of the song “Rockit “by Herbie Hancock.