From translator to musician. Louise Burke’s inspirational pathway of artistic evolution

Burke's musical passion began in her childhood, where her father's band, The Concordes, immersed her in music.
1 May 2024
Photo by Kate McDonald

Louise Burke’s evolution from translator to actor to musician epitomizes this narrative, marked by chance encounters and courageous artistic pursuits.

Burke’s eclectic background spans translating for esteemed international organizations like UN agencies to assuming the role of the Princes’ royal nanny on the hit series The Crown. However, it was a fateful encounter with director Danny Boyle that set her on an entirely new trajectory. Boyle’s proclamation that Burke had “music in her eyes” ignited a newfound passion for music within her.

Now, Louise Burke releases two new singles, each showcasing her depth as an artist.

Artist’s Rut explores Burke’s struggle between artistic ambitions and daily life, inspired by a conversation with Pulp’s Antony Genn. Meanwhile, Benevolent not Malevolent is a bittersweet tribute to love in lockdown, featuring emotive vocals and ethereal acoustic sounds.

Burke’s musical passion began in her childhood, where her father’s band, The Concordes, immersed her in music. Immersed in 60s country tunes, she developed a deep love for music, paving the way for her artistic journey.

Unfortunately, Burke’s father’s battle with cancer ignited her drive to pursue music further. She received intensive training from respected vocal coaches like Mary Hammond, who leads the Musical Theatre department at the Royal Academy of Music.

With her unshakable​ dedication and unmistakable talent, Louise Burke is set to mesmerize audiences with her heartfelt melodies and soulful storytelling.