The Belfast Fringe Festival 2010, starting on Friday, will run alongside the main Belfast Festival for the first time. Venues include Ma Nelsons on the Lisburn Road, the Culturlann on the Falls Road and Forestside Shopping Centre.
Comedian Nuala McKeever said at the launch of Fringe Festival 2010 at Ma Nelsons Bar:

“At the Fringe you will see things you wouldn’t see at the Festival. Fringe is also pretty good value.¬†There is room for the official Festival and also room for something experimental.

The Belfast Fringe Festival 2010 will offer artists and performers an unique and fresh opportunity to showcase their talent.

“Sample from a buffet of sumptuous offerings, delivered by a collection of Northern Irish artistes given full rein to dish up a portion of their finest creations.”

Fringe Festival Weekend 22nd – 24th Oct 2010