Do you remember that band Evanescence? They did a twinkly piano song My Immortal and with the first few notes of Freja’s debut EP ‘Ghosts’ it immediately pops into my head.

Thankfully this is just a momentary association and the 20 years old, singer-songwriter’s music is in no way a crude reworking of something else. The arpeggiated chords a soft as a whisper vocals create this wintery haunting atmosphere that really gets the hairs on the back of your neck on end. She is one of those artists where you really her lyrics are exposing some genuinely emotional memories, but she does it with a deftness of touch which really allows the listener to connect to common experiences.

My personal favourite is ‘Love Kills’ the hook in the chorus is balanced nicely between lyrical innovation and that classic sing-along moment. For someone releasing their debut this is an incredible talent.freja1 The one thing I would flag up about the EP as a collection is that other than lyrical content the songs are very alike in nature, all songs feature the same or very similar piano arpeggiation and soft vocals. In the same way that they initially make you sit up and listen, they become noticeable as they are not developed into different musical ideas, whether that be some different instrumentation or some experimentation with a change in dynamics.

Freja displays a lot of talent for songwriting and her skill for crafting the arrangements that surround her music will surely develop over time. As introductions go ‘Ghosts’ is a very intriguing debut, it is now up to Freja to show us how she grows as an artist from here.

‘Ghosts’ is out now via ShimmerSun Music.