‘Free Yourself’ by Bone Cult is a sign that they’ve found their musical groove

"Partly inspired by a combination of the film Vanilla Sky and the emerging frontier of the MetaVerse"
26 November 2023

Bursting forth with raw energy and enigmatic lyrics, Free Yourself is the latest track from the death-electronica duo Bone Cult. In this fresh new track, death metal meets electronica and bursts into your ears at a breakneck speed. 

It’s the leading track from their brand new album, Digital Afterlife. In this world where the digital world is becoming more intertwined with our everyday lives, Bone Cult seem to have found their musical groove, and this album is a way for them to explore new avenues of creativity made possible by the ever-changing world of technology. 

“Our 3D-rendered art and videos are opening a gateway into this world for us,” they explained. “We want to leverage new tech to keep creating even more immersive experiences and to interact with our audiences online. This is what spawned the concept of a Digital Afterlife, partly inspired by a combination of the film Vanilla Sky and the emerging frontier of the MetaVerse.

Free Yourself, along with the rest of the songs on Digital Afterlife, are unmissable for any fans of this particular genre of metal, and definitely worth a listen for those with diverse music tastes who aren’t afraid to experiment with something a little different.

The album has some notable stand-outs, like Become with its fast tempo and hard-hitting guitar riffs, and Night Eyes, a slow-burning track that erupts into a symphony of synths and clashing drum beats. The album has been carefully composed with the key elements of death metal and earth-shattering electronic vibes, married into this unique sound that Bone Cult are becoming so well-known for.

With influences like The Prodigy, Slipknot, and Deftones, Digital Afterlife is a chance for the guys to share their broad music tastes with their fans, and experiment with different tempos and atmospheres, resulting in an unmissable record. Check out Free Yourself on streaming platforms today.