Mojo Fury are giving away a new track to celebrate their new UK and European tour. Grab the free download of “El”:
Mojo Fury’s Mike said:”Its 4.43 am on the 30th nov! im sitting in my mums house using her internet as mine is.. well its pretty much none existent. Im eating a gherkin, cheese and mustard sandwich, the spikey mustard and the sour gherkin all brought together by the cheese, ( the mediator ) once saliva enters the equation and the flavours are dispersed around your mouth its the proper unity mouthgasm time, it all locks in, the reason you chose those fillings.”

“I was driving along the other day and this melody came into my head, I found it infectious, mainly cause I remembered it after a trudge around Belfast city, I kept humming it and a day later while i was tryna figure out what to do about it, a bass line started to introduce itself in the back of my brain, it soon put its foot down and said ‘ I aint goin anywhere until im a song,..I meant intro, verse, chorus, bridge chorus & outro ‘, and as it was quite big, jagged, a little moody and with sharp intent.. I wasnt gonna mess with it.”

“It just so happened that our manager calls and says ‘we need a new track to put out on Amplifiers mail list for your upcoming tour'”

“boom boom! I have just the track! well actually wait i dont, I had a melody and a bassline, and the melody was crying out for a lyric too. Who you gonna call …Gh.. no.. mojofury!”

“We pile into our farm house studio late one night last week. We are throwing ideas at the song, of the wall, more coffee, stoke the cat, another riff lets go! For the first time in 7 years we use an acoustic guitar on a full band track! Dont hold your breath, thats the gherkin, our mustard is this fuzzy bass sound that leads the way for the strummy chords of the acoustic!”

“The track is coming together and it starts to breath, and so do I. A song can be like an audio diary of your life or your observations as you go and grow, not every one, but this one was, it was a blank page for me to write about something that had happened to a dear friend of mine, it was a blank page that when filled might offer this person some sort of comfort in knowing that someone was thinking about him.

The song is called el.

Go and turn it up and see if there is anything in it for you!

We are about to go on tour, we are about to record our album, we are about to be real happy!

love and peace
UK Tour supporting Amplifier:
4th December – Nottingham, Rock City Basement
5th December – Glasgow , Cathouse
6th December – York, The Duchess
7th December – Wolverhampton, Slade Rooms
8th December – Colchester, Arts Centre
9th December – London, Islington Academy
11th December – Manchester, Academy 3
12th December – Bristol, Fleece and Firkin

European dates:
11.01.12 – Amsterdam, Winston
12.01.12 – Groningen, EUROSONIC FESTIVAL
13.01.12 – Rotterdam, Exit
14.01.12 – Tilburg, 013
15.01.12 – Haarlem, Patronaat