Lovechilde is the audio-visual project of Eliot Childe (vocals/guitar) and James Dashwood (electronics/production), who made their live debut in New York over the summer of 2011. The London based group are now preparing to release the free download double A-side single ‘Tang/Tourniquet’.

Lovechilde – TANG from Lovechilde on Vimeo.

With songs revolving around the themes of coming of age, y-generation ennui and love and loss, Lovechilde’s music was built reductively; a process of dissembling tired models, chasing sparks of inspiration through the cracks in shattered paradigms to transcend the glut guitar music they felt generationally entrenched in.

Simultaneously euphoric and sombre, ‘Tang’ sees Lovechild offer up a slice of 21st Century urban dread against a backdrop of echo-filled synths, menacing bass drones and cutting guitar lines, all fighting it out for central sonic space.

‘Tourniquet’ continues the ominous feeling crafted on ‘Tang’, its underpinning circular synth figure maintaining a sense that everything is not quite right; deliciously dark and deceptively addictive throughout.

With the help from producer/engineer Oli Horton (Foals, TEETH) Lovechilde started recording in Autumn 2011 and have since completed their forthcoming their debut EP ‘Palatte of Care’.

In that time the group have also collaborated with visual artists Oliver Malin and Rob Hawkins (Crystal Castles, Big Pink)