polar rose1Los Angeles-based Alt Rock duo Polaris Rose – Peter Anthony and Madelynn Elyse – are giving away as a free download their new single ‘Perfect View’, lifted from their debut full-length album, ‘Telescopes’ due out in November. ‘Perfect View’ is a radiantly atmospheric rock tune, where vulnerability and positivity come together effortlessly.

The band explain: “Last night, things came full circle. Two of our close friends from Boston just made the trek across the country in a packed little car and we spent the night laughing and remembering our own trip, 4 years ago. And it just happened to be the day that we are releasing ‘Perfect View’, a song we wrote about that cross-country adventure. So here’s to friendship, adventure, and never looking back.”polar rose2Check out their impressive ‘Oceansongs’ and debut EP, ‘The Moon & its Secrets’