Download FOR FREE Tuff Love 2011 Mixtape by The Future Classic DJs: Nathan McLay, Chad Gillard and James McInnes. Future Classic DJs – July’s Tuff Love – 2011 by future classic
True to their name the Future Classic DJs search out the best tunes old or new, delving into dusty crates of vinyl for classics as well as scouring the new crop of global talent for the freshest and best.

“The mixes go from club sets to headphone listening and ranges from house, to old disco, to new bands we dig – sometimes we even get on the laptop mic and give you a bit of a background on why we picked that track. Even though we pick lots of different sounds there’s still always something that connects it all.

The updates are also our place for previewing new and forthcoming releases from Future Classic and our friends, so we don’t post tracklists right away. You can get them at the end of the month on our Facebook page in the feed.”