Free Download: Benny Banks – ‘Going In’

“I don’t want to imitate anyone; I just wanna do me. That’s why the key aim in my career is to be as successful as I can be.” – Benny Banks

Just signed to 679 Records (Plan B & The Streets) 2012’s smart money is already on the young charismatic rapper by the name of Benny Banks.

Hailing from Islington, North London, Banks first picked up the pen and started rapping after a night out with friends back in 2009.

Since then, he’s quickly garnered a flurry of online buzz and exploded to the forefront with his laid back drawl and powerfully gritty tales of UK city life.

Download his new track ‘Going In’ for free here:

Watch the teaser of his debut single ‘Bada Bing’ below:
“I’m not lying about anything.” – Benny Banks

Benny is a regular young man from the inner city coming up from humble beginnings, facing hardships that many of his peers growing up in similarly socially deprived areas across the UK will relate to.

Yet, it’s his rare talent as a rapper that sets him apart. Benny takes his everyday reality and turns his emotions and experiences into gripping music, delivering it with a refreshing confidence and ease!/mrbennybanks