It’s a Gorgeous Slice of Summer Indie

By Frank Bell

Norwegian outfit Fred Paa Jord have just dropped your future sound of the summer in their stunning new single Bysykkel Rich in lush, psychedelic influences and plenty of indie elements, it’s a wonderful piece that flows perfectly throughout. It’s an instrumental but you never find yourself missing a vocal line as there’s so much melody throughout the piece. 

Based in Norway, Fred Paa Jord initially started as a jamming affair between guitarist Anders Winsents and drummer Per Elling Kobberstad in early 2019. Their name, translating to “Peace on Earth,” was derived from the title of a demo they recorded – which was inspired by disappointment in the way humans treat the earth and others. After getting started with a minimal microphone set up and eight-track cassette recorder, the group got straight to it – and they haven’t let up since.

Listen to the stunning new single below