Frank Gamble share video for ‘Myths’

London duo Frank Gamble – vocalist, songwriter and musician Hannah Yadi aka YADi and South London producer Justin Tailor aka Hoost – share a vividly lush video (by Beatrix Blaise with set design by Noble People’s Abbi Fletcher) for the equally precious ‘Myths’ EP title track.

Frank Gamble’s Hannah Yadi explains…“We found Beatrix through our fellow PMR boys Drones Club on Instagram. We were both searching for people to make a video with and her work really stood out. She’s such a great director, and we loved the way she creates little worlds within her videos. We wanted to make something wild and ambitious that brought the song to life and involved a real sense of movement and travel. The song is about feeling trapped in a relationship and therefore trapped in yourself. It’s about searching for things to fill a void. I wanted my performance to have moments of seriousness to reflect the constraints we put on ourselves both in and out of a relationships in contrast to the playful, wild side, when animal instinct takes over and you have no choice but to just be yourself.”

Beatrix adds… “Frank Gamble’s sound has a real open energy; the way Hannah and Justin combine influences, personality, male/female energy and other contributors into their sound. It’s positive, it’s rich, it’s colourful, it’s unselfconscious and it just wants people to get in a room and have a shameless dance. So this video has got mythical creatures, love, dance, flirtation, catharsis and darkness wrapped up in a story about the coldness of a relationship in today’s world and what it ‘could be’.”