fractures1Check out ‘Cadence’ by Melbourne’s Fracture, the musical alias of producer / multi instrumentalist Marc Zito.

On ‘Cadence’ Marc says: “It’s about unrequited lust, and a lingering longing – trying in vain to shut out memories and thoughts of the object of attraction.”

Earlier this year, Zito ironically fractured his neck in a fall, and was forced to cancel his debut show.

After three months in a neck brace, during which he worked tirelessly on new songs and remixes in the studio, he is recovered and ready to play again.

Feeling so uncut I can barely get the words out of my mouth,
See you walking up and all these clouded apparitions, they fade out.
Tell myself just breathe, breathe you in, just breathe.
I won’t let you leave, don’t leave me here,
Don’t you know I need you now?

I’ve got you stuck on mind,
and it’s driving me crazy.

Won’t let her get to me,
bury this fantasy that I’m living in.
But then every face I see, she’s staring right back at me,
and I need her now.

I’ve got you stuck on my mind,
And it’s driving me crazy