FPS in 2020 | Some Of The Most Anticipated FPS Games Of the Decade

If you’re looking for games that send you straight into the action, you might think of fighting games or action-adventure titles. However, it’s actually first-person shooters or FPS games that can fully immerse you into massive environments and action-packed sequences. Be it with friends in a deathmatch or solo in a single-player mode, FPS titles definitely attract a ton of gamers because of their sheer replayability and suspenseful yet strategic gameplay. And in this new decade, there seems to be more FPS games that are on their way to gamers.

In this article, we explore some of the most highly-anticipated FPS titles in the gaming scene. We won’t just talk about rich graphics and crisp sound, but also immersive gameplay and even potentially-captivating narratives. Here are some of those multiplayer games:

  • Overwatch 2 will bring players to a more upgraded FPS MOBA. When Overwatch first released, people were a bit confused about what to call it. It’s definitely an FPS game, but you can choose from a roster of heroes with different backstories and skills. It’s only been recently that Overwatch has been regarded as an FPS MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena), and by then Overwatch was extremely popular to the masses. Now, when Blizzard teased Overwatch 2, they also teased new costumes, a new story, and more exciting dynamics between players, characters, and gameplay at large.
    • Overwatch 2 also seems to be heavy on player-versus-environment, unlike its predecessor that focuses a lot on player-versus-player. OW2 have cooperate Story Missions, which will have veteran and new Overwatch heroes fight against the Null Sector. These are robots players fought in the original game’s Uprising update. This makes a nice addition to the PVP-heavy Overwatch, as now we have the opportunity to see our new heroes and old heroes interact.
    • Overwatch 2 introduces a new hero as a tease for this new game! The newcomer Sojourn appears to be the former captain of Overwatch, and one of the many former Overwatch members recalled by the genius gorilla Winston. Sojourn is equipped with an arm that can switch weapon modes, which can make for some exciting additions in-game. 
    • Overwatch 2 is still in early development, so there’s no saying when the game will officially arrive. But here’s to hoping we actually get to see Overwatch 2 really soon!
  • Back 4 Blood is the Left 4 Dead 3 zombie lovers have been waiting for. Since the release of co-op shooter Left 4 Dead, zombie fans have loved the idea of friends teaming up against hordes and hordes of the living dead. And while Valve has yet to commission Turtle Rock Studios into making the series’ third installment, they did tease Back 4 Blood – a spiritual sequel, of sorts. As the name suggests, the game is a four-person co-op shooting game, where teams of four – either locally or even online – have to work together to survive the zombie apocalypse. How this game differs from L4D aside from being made using the more recent Unreal Engine 4 is yet to be seen, but it does seem exciting. (Note! The teaser is for Left 4 Dead 2, as we don’t have anything concrete on Back 4 Blood yet!)
    • Back 4 Blood is what Left 4 Dead 3 could’ve been. Turtle Rock Studios itself shared that Back 4 Blood has many elements from L4D, but it has some unique elements as well. They haven’t been elaborated yet, but it’s exciting to see what other new features can be added to the zombie genre.
    • What we do know is that Back 4 Blood will also have a campaign mode that explains their zombie mythos. It won’t be a battle royale game (phew), and it’s going to have some player-versus-player combat. That in itself is interesting, as L4D is majorly a cooperative game.
    • Back 4 Blood will be released for the Xbox One, Windows PC, and PlayStation 4 in yet-to-be announced dates.
  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 will take Stalkers back into the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. Survival horror fans will fondly remember the first S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game as unique for its time – after all, players have the freedom to realm a somewhat open world environment, being able to get weapons and armor, interact with various locals, and with actions outside quests being able to affect the main story. With S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 being cancelled back in 2012, there hasn’t really been any game similar in the market. But folks from GSC Game World seems to have resumed production of the much-awaited sequel.
    • Fans of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series might be surprised to learn that this new game won’t be the same as the canceled title. This means it’s a totally new game with a potentially totally-new story.
    • There’s not much that’s been given in terms of details. They’ll be using the original Stalker trilogy for inspiration, and there’s no battle royale mode (thankfully). Aside from that, GSC Game World doesn’t want to give any clues. If it’s anything like the original game, then that means we’re going to get an open-world RPG with a ton of exploration, side quests, and actions that can drastically affect the story without us knowing.
    • Unfortunately, there’s no mention of any platforms. There won’t be any VR support as well.
  • Deathloop is an Arkane Studios attempt to play with the respawn concept. Players tend to pay attention when Arkane Studios makes a game, and for good reason – the team is known to make captivating narratives and interesting concepts, such as Dishonored and the freedom for players to complete missions with or without killing a single enemy. Deathloop seems to follow in the same vein, this time with the two main leads being caught in a temporal loop. Gameplay wise, this might mean players never having to worry about permadeath. How this translates into the story, though, is interesting to watch out for.
    • The basis of Deathloop’s gameplay lies in its premise. The game takes place in a mysterious place called “Black Reef” where its protagonists are on a twisted version of the film “Groundhog Day.” In fact, they spend much of the gameplay trailer trying to kill each other. And this seems to be a primary mechanic of the game.
    • Deathloop features an interesting story mode. In the story we meet Juliana and Colt, both assassins with remarkable abilities. Juliana, for some reason, wants to “protect” the death cycle. Meanwhile, Colt wants to “end” the cycle.
    • Interestingly, another cool element in the game is that both players have access to an assortment of weapons… and abilities! Both assassins seem to have special abilities they can use to gain the upper hand, which is amazing. And as per Arkane Studios signature, players can approach gameplay however they want. In fact, players can go Dishonored and not kill each other in a match. This is hard, though. 
    • The Bethesda-Arkane Studios game doesn’t have a release date yet, and no mention of consoles. 
  • Doom Eternal takes us back again to the gory, heavy metal world of demon slaying. A lot of people love Doom less about the story and more on the action. And the fact that the game makes it a point to emphasize crazy action is what makes Doom quite a classic. So when Doom got back to gamers a few years ago, fans were thrilled to see jump scares alongside brutal gameplay. So when it’s teased that Doom Eternal finally explores the origins of The Slayer (the protagonist), we’re all excited to see how this narrative works with gameplay and the graphical fidelity of the Unreal Engine 4.
    • The upcoming game returns with Doom’s emphasis on “push forward” combat, where the Slayer has to aggressively kill enemies for armor, ammunition, and health. Players have an assortment of firearms to choose from – from chainsaws, to energy swords, shotguns, and cannons. This makes demon slaying extra fun and extra gory.
    • And if you think Doom 2016’s demon varieties are already many, there seems to be twice as much demon kinds in the upcoming game. There are also Destructible Demons, where the enemies of bodies will slowly get deteriorated and destroyed in combat as they take damage. This adds a huge level of immersion in the game.
    • The game has a March 2020 release for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and Google Stadia. 

FPS Games We Can’t Wait For

With the above in mind, it seems evident why we’re so caught up in the rumor mill and really excited to see how these games work. While they seem to contain genre staples (the first-person view, the reload and hotkey system, among others), some of these upcoming games do try to add a bit of spin to the genre. And it’s such fun to see them try and succeed in such an endeavor.

What do you feel about these upcoming games? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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