Fox Blanco On Creating Their ‘VR’

By Holly Frith

We got to chat to the fantastic Swedish collective Fox Blanco this week, where they shared a little bit more about their musical backgrounds, inspiration and their awesome new single VR, which is out now. 

Take a read to find out more…When did you all first starting writing music?

Robin L and Tom started writing music very early. We think it was around the age of 12-13, the same time as when we got our first home studio. Robin N has been an instrumentalist since young age but started off writing as Fox Blanco started.

How would you best describe your musical style and identity? 

That’s a tough question. We are very pop influenced when it comes to song structures and top lines. But when it comes to production we have a foundation of clubby house music, which stretches a bit depending on the song/vibe. We also love nature, so that would be a key element you’ll find in our tracks, one or another way. 

Can you tell us a little bit about growing up in Sweden? 

Growing up in Sweden is generally very cold, haha. But the country itself is amazing. We all grew up in the same town called Alingsås (about 27k inhabitants) which is kind of small. We had a lot of fun growing up here, which could be the reason why we still live here!

What music were you into from a young age? 

Robin N loved rock music and Metallica was a solid favourite. Robin L loved Elvis. Tom had four favourites. The Offsprings, Gorillaz, The Black Eyed Peas and last but not least, E-type.

Who inspires you at the moment? 

Galantis has always been a big inspiration for us. But generally today, we get inspiration from all kinds of music. From old Swedish folk artists like Cornelius Vreeswijk to Mura Masa to DJs like Tujamo.

Your new single ‘VR’ is a stunner, congratulations! What’s the story behind it? 

Glad to hear, thanks! We were having a discussion about what to write about. Vr is what we bumped up in our heads, talking about technology and where it’s leading. We ended with a story about two people having a relationship in VR, where they got together even though they didn’t meet in real life. Running away from reality to seek something else. 

Did you enjoy making it? What do you think it offers the listener? 

Yes, we were so excited during the creating of VR. It’s such a playful song. Especially in the drop. It feels pretty simple, but if you really listen you’ll find so many different rhythms and sounds working together. It really makes it unique in a way. We think it brings the listener an easy, happy, dancey vibe.

What do you have coming up next? 

We’re working a lot in the studio, so you can expect some new music coming up.

Do you have any particular goals for 2019? What can we expect from Fox Blanco in the next few months?

It would probably be spending more time outside the studio playing live.