Four-Piece Band MYO Have A Shared Creative Vision

Forming in London, the group have released their third single Years – candidly examining unrequited love through intimate lyricism and a rich musical landscape. 

“We wrote Years at a time when we were both gaining some much needed perspective with the ‘on again off again’ relationships we were in”, the band detail. “It’s about letting go of the mental construct that you see a person through, the idealised version of them that you project but which doesn’t exist. We were both coming to reconcile the fact that letting go and re-shaping the relationships was necessary, but without any sense of resentment. Basically it’s about reconciling unrequited love.”

Meeting on London’s underground music scene, Prague based singer Sisa Fehérová and guitarist/producer Jim Daoud’s shared passion led them to experiment with shifting chord movements and layered vocal harmonies. Eventually, the pair were joined by Pete Bennie and George Bird, each adding their own unique flair to the rich soundscape. 

Years is out now.