4 Benefits Of Vaping Over Smoking


Vaping came into existence, likely off the back of the smoking ban that is now present when inside a public building. It’s a form of smoking that’s certainly grown popular in trend due to it’s stylish look and being an alternative to smoking cigarettes, which some may find off-putting due to the smell. Here are four benefits of vaping.

Saves You Money

Vaping is very much cost-effective and you can end up saving a lot of money when vaping instead of smoking cigarettes. The average person may spend just over £10 for a packet of cigarettes and depending on how frequently you smoke, this can certainly add up to eye-watering amounts. Whereas, when it comes to vaping, you’re paying for the vape mods, the liquid, and any other accessories you wish to add on. It becomes a lot more affordable to spend your money on vapes, than on cigarettes.

It’s worth doing a comparison over a month, to see just how much money can be saved by making the switch over to vape pens and mods.

The Smell Is A Lot More Pleasant

Cigarette smoke is often something that’s not enjoyable to be around as a non-smoker. Even those that smoke can get turned off from the smell and it’s something that sticks to everything and anything. That means regardless of how often you wash your hands or clothes, it’s likely to remain in other parts of your home and perhaps even your vehicle.

One of the benefits that come with vaping is that the smell of the vape is a lot more enjoyable. This scent makes for a more enjoyable experience all around, especially for those who stand outside with you. It should also cut down the impact that second-hand smoke causes.

There’s A Lot Of Flavours Available

Talking of scents, there are so many flavors now out there to choose from that it can be hard to pick which one is your go-to. From fruity flavors to sweets, you’ll never be bored with the number of flavors that are available. With cigarettes, you’ve got different flavors of tobacco and menthol but the extent to which flavors are available, it’s limited in comparison.

The flavors are definitely one of the big sellers that are appealing when it comes to vaping. As there are so many, it appeals to those who aren’t smokers but want to try out the vape.

Helps You Quit Smoking

If you’re looking to quit smoking, then the vape is definitely something that is worth giving a go. It can help you to curb the habit of needing to go outside because, for some places, vaping is allowed within buildings. However, there can still be an addiction that comes with vaping, as it is with smoking. It can be helpful though in easing yourself off the cigarettes and trying something that’s different but similar at the same time.

The benefits of vaping continue to make this a popular habit and so it might be something to give a go as a regular or social smoker.