Forget All You Think You Know About Pooh Bear In GLINTS’ Video For LEMONADE MONEY

Spiced with sugary oriental flavours, Glints’ new track Lemonade Money is gloriously kitsch and heroic in its celebration of working the graveshift, being broke and getting dumped. Plus, it’s a banger!

Addictive beats and trashy raps make way for weaving exotic flavours and the track features possibly the most incredible lyrics of the year: ‘f**k champagne, we got lemonade money, I look like Pooh bear and I’m coming for your honey’. It’s another masterclass in contemporary pop production by Yong Yello and focused and forceful vocals by Jan Maarschalk Lemmens.

The video delights with visuals of Glints celebrating the beauty in ugliness; taking to the streets dressed as Pooh bear, bathing in lemonade and smothering himself in honey, the shots all united by a wicked sickly orangeness. He really doesn’t give a s**t which is totally refreshing. It’s the type of fearless stuff that saw Goldie Lookin’ Chain and more recently Kurupt FM rise to world domination.