The smart London-based singer/songwriter Toby Corton (& His Band By Chance), premieres the rather lush video for ‘Help Yourself’, a slice of his breezy convincing merges of retro R&B/Soul/Jazz and modern vibes, which he describes as “a modern British take on Neo-Soul. Jazz, soul, r’n’b with an indie sensibility”.

‘Help Yourself’ is the third single to be released from his forthcoming EP ‘A Lover Outta Practice’.

Toby explains: “‘Help Yourself’ is a message to the people in your life that you always have their backs. The track explores potential friction that may arise when you’re just trying to act in someone’s best interest. It’s about the old adage that we are often most hurtful to those we love most. We may even say things we don’t mean and we won’t always agree, but ultimately it’s about knowing and trusting in that person to do right by you and to “Help You, Help Yourself’…The video tries to bring a sunny and more whimsical visual to lighten the topic, drawing on the very visual imagery of the lyrics to help reinforce the ideas of the song in a playful way, “I hope that the kitsch, tacky and slightly cheap aesthetic is a source of some humour for people who watch.”

You can catch Toby Corton & His Band By Chance live – with the support of a spectacular live Drag and music performances – at The Windmill in Brixton on Monday 26th November 2018 for an unmissable EP launch.