FM Video Premiere | SUN’s HIGHER FIRE

Hole and Brittany Spears-inspired, dynamic pop/metal duo, SUN – Karoline Rose (Vocals/Guitar) and Vincent Kreyder (Drums), produced by Dan Levy – premiere an aptly strong video for their skewed and fetching Brutal-Pop debut single, Higher Fire.

“Let’s talk about love” – explains Karoline – “I’ve always been into songs about love and relationships. But as they tend to be Pop songs, I felt the need to compose something more violent. Romeo and Juliet, Courtney Love’s angsty poetry and intense nordic Metal music inspired me to write a song about that One Love that sets the air on fire and burns your lungs at every breath. A passionate inferno of desire and bliss. The music video is a tribute to the beautiful 90’s collages that inspire us.”