FM Video Premiere | HunBjørn’s ALL THE RED

The stunning video for All The Red, is the perfect introduction to HunBjørn’s sonic realm, a fascinating wave of meaningful dream pop. The track is about about finding yourself again. 

Ulla Pihl, the Copenhagen based artist, singer and producer who’s behind HunBjørn reveals…”Originally I wrote the song to my boyfriend, who battles controlling his temper in stressful situations. But it ended up having a more universal message for myself as well, about the importance of listening to yourself, of not letting the outside world influence how and why you do what you do – of trusting your own processIf we are able to give time and room for new acknowledgements to flourish, I’m sure that the negativity and all the metaphorical red will be softened and replaced by a surplus of energy and understanding for others. Then is much easier to be open and more empathetic, to the ones near to you, but also globally speaking”.