FM Video Premiere | HOLT’s SILO

HOLT is a London based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist that has a knack for creating ethereal, cinematic soundscapes with beats. Heading towards an impressively emotive EP, HOLT focuses on a haunting visual for recent single Silo. 

The video weaves an intimate tale in the expansive and beautifully daunting location of Dungeness. There’s something oddly calming about the seemingly never-ending horizon, abandoned boats and utterly relentless tide.

HOLT takes us through her decision that led to Dungeness as a focal point and the video that organically followed. In the behind the scenes photos below, she talks of how the visuals reference time and reflection, and the attempt to weave a narrative against a backdrop of a world moving on without you. 

1) Mirror Shot

We were inspired by the mirror sculptures of Anish Kapoor and wanted to play with mirrors to create a surreal landscape. The deserted, beautiful but foreboding beach of Dungeness worked perfectly. 

2) Gang

This is me, my producer Jamal Haddaway, the DOP Louis Mackay and his assistants Greg and Ben – a few whiskies down at the end of a long but brilliant day. 

3) Beach Book shot

This is the final shot of the video – the gold embossed book buried in the wet Dungeness sand, representing a drawing together of the pages found throughout the video.

4) Timelapse prep shot

We played around with timelapses in the video and wanted to capture the ominous Dungeness sky and sea (Ben doing a bit of casual stone skimming in the background). 

5) Field Shot

Louis the DOP had done a recce the weekend beforehand and had found a large patch of meadowland with these quite haunting and incongruous pilons – which fitted perfectly with the idea of beauty with an edge, a darkness.