By Vee D

Bristol-based duo The Actions recently released their atmospheric new album Flourish and we recommend you get listening ASAP.

Throughout the innovative new album, the duo take you on a transcendent journey. From the brooding soundscapes of Leap to the dark ambience of Flourish, The Actions have created a sound that that is truly evocative and unique. Channeling the likes of Portishead and Little Dragon, the duo combine brooding synths with cinematic soundscapes and celestial vocals, creating something undeniably ethereal yet dark as a result.

Title track Flourish is a personal favourite, fusing elements of trip-hop and house music together to form dark ambient soundscapes that will mesmerise you instantly. Equally alluring is Bleeding Trail; a track that you can immediately envision hearing over the credits of your favourite murder mystery documentary. Closing with Hindered, we end the album on a dreamy yet slightly sinister note.

The album explores themes of fear, anxiety, escapism and change. The record encapsulates a moment in time; the moment you overcome your fears, take a deep breath and embrace the unknown of a new you, leaving your old self behind. Flourish is about letting go, finding your way forward.  Flourish  is about rebirth.

Overall this is a truly impressive album that is fantastically produced. Perhaps not the most cheerful of records to listen to on these bleak days but if broodingly dark trip-hop is your thing, then Flourish is a record for you.

Flourish  is out now via Niteo Records.