Nottingham-born Kirk Spencer introduces Aerial , his brand new experimental pop gem, featuring vocals by London based songstress Cici Jack , like this…  “Aerial first started as a sound tracking piece I did for an aerial drone video on Vimeo. I liked it but didn’t think anything of it, until I sent it to my email pen pal friend Gille Kalbin who is a director from US currently about to release his first directorial debut ‘The Wave’.” 

The intriguing multi-talented instrumentalist and experimental artist adds…“Gille Kalbin was inspired by the track to make an amazing video with his drone footage. The video he sent back was super inspiring. I spent about one solid month trying to create a good enough song to match his incredible shots, this then birthed getting the incredible singer CiciJack on the track.” 

Aerial is out now via State 51 and it’s the first single taken from Spencer’s forward-thinking and investigative musical ideology driven album, untitled deathkit5