FM Recommends | Juvenal Maze IN A PLACE / SHE JUST WANNA

Hailing from East London and with Congolese heritage, Juvenal Maze introduces himself with 2 smoothly convincing modern R&B tunes: In A Place / She Just Wanna , released on SOULUVMUZIQ, distributed through The Orchard.

On In A Place he says…Whenever I am feeling some type of way I don’t understand or cannot seem to explain, I call it ‘In A Place’. With this track it’s about my experience of depression at 16 and how that shaped my whole perspective as well as touching on running from falling in love out of fear of how great it is as well as my own disposition.

On She Just Wanna he explains…One girl I was cool with at some point ended up being ‘In A Place’ but with me, from the get-go we made it clear we were just friends and nothing more. After being intimate she ended up falling for me and things just went left from there. I was also someone who wasn’t looking for a relationship or anything like that even though I was ‘In A Place’ within myself about how I felt about the girl I fell in love with. So yeah I was basically running from accepting how I felt.h

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