Los Angeles based producer JOY (Ken Hankins) demonstrates his creative genius on his latest single Closer to Divine. Channeling the otherworldly and spiritual realms, the track is a kickback to the IDM and chillout sound of the early 1990s with a progressive edge. The second single featured on JOY’s forthcoming and highly anticipated debut album Soft Whisper, an album over a decade in the making, Closer to Divine is crisply digital and frenetically hyper-rhythmic.

Drawing influences from great innovators of the genre such as Autechre and Aphex, JOY powerfully showcases his production prowess. With orchestral strings and a melodic vibe, Closer to Divine is an analog heavy amalgam of nocturnally splattered synth-based tones that resonate deeply with profound emotion and ache with nostalgia. JOY retains the keen sonic ability to capture the deepest of universal emotions eloquently combining techno, IDM, chillout, and downtempo flavors in the process.

JOY explains…“Closer to Divine” is my favorite track I ever made. This song is very special to me in that its style embodies the soul of what electronic music means to me at the core. A spirit flows through its hypnotic melodies, synth blends, earthy beats, and repetitive form.  Historically, I aimed for this songto be a continuation of IDM from the past.”