FM Recommends | James Deacon’s SON OF APOLLO

Co-written with Paul Gala (Bad Future Records) in only a few hours, Son Of Apollo showcases once more the exciting collaboration between Johannesburg-based artist James Deacon and electro-pop connoisseur Gala.

The track is a segment of engagingly soulful and meaningful pop, about a young man who has confronted his demons

The talented 22-year old reflects on the idea behind Son Of Apollo“This track means a lot to me lyrically because I struggled with drug addiction and alcohol abuse for a long time and managed to get sober and writing this song allowed me to go back to that dark part of my history and appreciate how far I’ve come since then. The imagery I tried to create with the lyrics is one of a drug-induced party filled with fake friends and peer pressure and most importantly drugs.”

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Deacon’s debut EP The Calling, is released via Hunter As a Horse’s label Bad Future Records.