FM Recommends | IAKO’s debut EP ‘Queen Of Balance’

Hailing from Venice, IAKO (Italian troubadour Jacopo Rossetto), showcases his eclectically vivid folk offering, with a charmingly soulful debut EP called ‘Queen Of Balance’.

The EP “explores the emotional complexity of transition and reinvention through his restless movement-oriented songwriting…Speaking of EP’s standout track ‘Bloodbath’ IAKO reveals: “Contrary to what most people think, ‘Bloodbath’ isn’t about the end of a relationship; it’s an open letter to myself regarding the internal changes I’ve felt since rapidly having to adapt to so different an environment as London. I wrote it at some point last year when I was missing the ‘old me’. I tried to get outside of myself and write about what seemed like an irreconcilable split within my personality – London and Venice”.