North London artist and producer Happi, shares his vividly eclectic and soulful, feel-good urban pop jam, with new EP ‘Boy And His Imaginary Friend’.

Co-produced by Komenz, ‘Boy And His Imaginary Friend’ EP, “It is a story – he reveals – of how a man can find his confidence, belief and purpose, through the guidance of faith and hope, which is represented as an imaginary friend. We all had big dreams and aspirations as kids, we were all imagineers as we were growing up, but along the way, reality made us feel like we couldn’t do the things we set out to do. This project sees me returning to those values I held onto as a child”…

…”This EP really shows my journey of finding myself again. I had been through so much while creating it but I knew in the end, I wanted to have the heart I had as a child. I wanted to be vulnerable, to love and have the faith of a child. I wanted to bring positivity back into my life and my music, this project was my freedom and from here on out, people will begin to hear the real me – the big kid named Happi”.