By Frank Bell

Following the success of their acclaimed debut album, and some heavy praise from Zane Lowe, Irish rock duo, Greywind are back with their brand-new single  Am I Asleep? – out now.   

Produced by Romesh Dodangoda (Bring Me The Horizon) ‘Am I Asleep?’ bursts with textual, cinematic magnitude. The track’s sweeping post-rock soundscapes alternate between tender, evocative and aggressive and Steph O’Sullivan’s voice is the magic ingredient that elevates Greywind into another dimension. 

Greywind: “During the writing process for Am I Asleep’, we were heavily inspired by movies. We’ve always aimed to bring a cinematic sound to our music and visuals, and we wanted to expand on that more than ever.” 

The video is pretty epic too, and giving us some definite Twin Peaks vibes: