FM Recommends | Erik Jonasson’s Debut Album ‘Words’

Hailing from Gothenburg in Sweden, intriguing singer/songwriter Erik Jonasson shares and sparkles with the release of his debut album ‘Words’. A collection of intense and darkly cinematic tunes , which (as Like A Funeral) are already making waves by featuring in the season finale of TV-show: Vampire Diaries and the US hit show The Royals.

Erik reveals: “I’ve grown up on a small island in Gothenburg archipelago where everyone is a fisherman. It was a beautiful place to grow up, in the summer you could swim in the ocean and in the winter you could walk on the ice. At lot of who I am today involves music, otherwise I’m just an ordinary bloke from Sweden. My family has always been interested in music. My older brother and my dad played the guitar and that’s the reason why I started as well. In the beginning I didn’t enjoy it at all, I just did it because I was expected to. I didn’t play much because I didn’t want anyone to listen. As I grew older, I became more confident and started to love playing music.”