FM Recommends | Amanda Fondell’s RECKLESS

Amanda Fondell was rocketed to stardom in Sweden at the age of 16 having won Swedish Idol, making her the youngest winner in the content’s history. Now with her new found sound fully embraced by both her and her fans, she now returns with her latest pop anthem ‘Reckless’.

Speaking about her latest single, she said, Reckless is about a person who is selfish and who lacks any empathy. A conversation where you are being honest and vulnerable, and their only response is “yeah I know exactly what you mean”, when clearly they don’t and they couldn’t careless. All they want to do is talk about themselves.”

Building on her number 1 album All This Way back in 2011, and her EP In a Talk With Nature in 2017, Amanda has been honing her sound without focussing on a mainstream acclaim…