Quickfire Questions: Moore Kismet

This week we caught up with Moore Kismet, a 17-year-old nonbinary, pansexual self-taught producer, songwriter and DJ from Southern California.
19 January 2022

By Vanessa B

Moore Kismet is already garnering huge recognition, included on Billboard’s 21 Under 21 list two years in a row (2020/2021) and recently became the youngest artist to ever perform at Lollapalooza and EDC Las Vegas.

Born Omar Davis, Moore Kismet is a 17-year-old nonbinary, pansexual producer, songwriter and DJ from Southern California. Kismet, whose name means “more than fate,” started teaching themself to produce at age 7, using a downloaded copy of Fruity Loops, YouTube tutorials and diligent practice. Their unique production style pulls from every era of dance music’s evolution. Kismet is also an accomplished visual artist and graphic designer, designing all of their own artwork and merch.

The alias Moore Kismet (meaning “more than fate”) is a representation of Omar that expresses their continual creative journey. In addition to music, Moore Kismet excels as a multimedia creator with a focus on visual arts and graphic design. Their unique production style and stage presence is anything but predictable which has set Kismet apart from the crowd. 

We caught up with Omar for a short Q&A:

Where do you think your music fits in today’s world?

I think I can comfortably say that I fit within the experimental electronic pop space now.

If you had to describe your sound in three words what would they be?

Beautifully controlled chaos.

What do you want people to take away from listening to your music?

I want people to take away something that resonates the most with them. I tend to share really specific stories or messages within my music, but everyone’s feelings and interpretations at the time of listening may be different from what I felt when writing it. I just want them to feel that I put my all into everything that I create. I never want anything I make to feel effortless in execution because none of my writing ever feels easy to make.

How would you describe your clothing style?

Really basic unless I’m doing a show or a photoshoot, otherwise I look for things that make me look more femme and more flowy because it makes me the most comfortable.

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Never compromise your artistic vision for anyone.

Kismet recently released the single Parallel Heartbreak ft. Pauline Herr via Thrive Music and we’re excited to hear more from this rising star in the future.

Instagram @moorekismet