Excitingly intriguing Swedish artist Yaeger, shares this suitably lush video – filmed and edited by Agnes Maltesdotter – for her stunningly alluring and yet meaningful Scandipop gladness, called ‘I need a:’, which was produced by Mona Khoshoi and Kerstin Ljungström.

The 20-year-old independent artist/songwriter reveals…”I usually find inspiration in things that happen around me, and now Sweden happened to be in the middle of a catastrophe, which caused a lot of emotion and concern around the country. So I guess I wrote ‘I need a:’, as a reflection of our time, our habits, and a registration of the reactions from the forest fires. People are tired of reading articles about the environment going to hell, because we have a big appetite and we want to be fed, not questioned. So in ‘I need a’, I’m pretty much acknowledging the fact that I’m no different to any other consumer, but questioning why.”


Photography by Olivia Arte